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Following on from last weeks bird watch, we thought we would have some fun by making bird feeders to encourage more birds to visit our school and at home.  Scroll further down to see the pictures smiley


It's so much fun and easy to do, you can make these at home as long as you have permission to do so first. 


Here is what you need:


Fir cones (as many as you like)

1 block of lard - start by using half

300g wild bird seed

100-200g currants

Medium bowl

String or twine

Pair of safety scissors (or ask an adult to do the cutting)




Cut your piece of string approximately 30cm long and tie it to the top of the fir cone.


Cut the lard (using a butter knife ask an adult) block in half, pour in the seed and currants and using your hands, get stuck in and squish it all together!


When all the ingredients are mixed evenly, start pushing the mixture into the spaces of the fir cone until it is completely covered.


Find a suitable place to hang your feeder so you can watch the birds feed and cats can't pounce on them.






Making Bird Feeders

Making Bird Feeders 1
Making Bird Feeders 2
Making Bird Feeders 3
Making Bird Feeders 4
Making Bird Feeders 5
Making Bird Feeders 6
Making Bird Feeders 7
Making Bird Feeders 8
Making Bird Feeders 9
Making Bird Feeders 10
Making Bird Feeders 11
Making Bird Feeders 12
Making Bird Feeders 13

This week in our busy Beehive we have been learning about our native birds by identifying them using our RSPB poster.  We made finger puppets, learnt about Crossbills and took part in the RSPB Birdwatch 2018. 


We wandered down to our wild area with our clipboards and used our observation and listening skills to find out what birds frequently visited our school site. 


In 1 hour we saw:


3   Blackbirds                        1    Robin

15 Black headed gulls            5    Starlings

1   Blue Tit                            9    Goldfinches

10 Carrion Crows                   10  Woodpigeons     5 Ferral Pigeons


When we finished collecting all our data, we entered it onto the RSPB website and sent it off to be counted as part of the National research on bird activity in Britain.  

Here we are on a chilly sunny afternoon having fun bird spotting!

Here we are on a chilly sunny afternoon having fun bird spotting! 1

Adding our data to the RSPB website.

Adding our data to the RSPB website. 1