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The Momo Challenge a fact-sheet for parents

WARNING: Momo Challenge - Information for parents - The PDF below has information for parents and carers on the latest social media challenge which we find ourselves monitoring. Please be vigilant in monitoring your children’s social media interactions. Feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher, Deputy-Head or Headteacher with any concerns you may have regarding this. While scrolling through the news or social media, you may have glanced an image depicting a stretched, disfigured face with bulging eyes and large smile, attached to a bird’s body. This freakish creature has become the mascot for an obscure urban myth called the Momo Challenge, a game which allegedly encourages children to perform acts of self-harm. There is currently a lot of misleading information swirling around the web about the challenge and it can be difficult to separate fact from myth. Please see the attached information to help parents reinforce online safety.