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Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Come and meet the staff at our school!


 Miss.A.Wilcox - Headteacher

 Mr.R.Chubb - Deputy Headteacher


  Year 6- Mrs.Collins

  Year 5- Mrs. Kirby

  Year 4- Mr.Chubb and Mr Blackwell

  Year 3- Mr.Rowson

  Year 2- Mrs.Shaer and Mrs.Fowle

  Year 1- Miss.Pudney

  Reception class- Mrs. Cooper

  SENCO/ Inclusion Leader- Mrs.Shaer

  P.E Leader/ Coach - Mr. Cleare



Intervention Teachers:

Mrs Fowle

Mrs Browell


Miss Wilcox

Miss Wilcox 1

Mr Chubb

Mr Chubb 1

Mr Rowson

Mr Rowson 1


Mrs.Collins 1


Mrs.Shaer 1

Mrs Kirby

Mrs Kirby 1

Miss Pudney

Miss Pudney 1

Mrs Cooper

Mrs Cooper 1

Mr Blackwell

Mr Blackwell 1

Mr Cleare

Mr Cleare 1