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 Welcome to the English page.

Dover Park we believe that Basic Skills in Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening are essential tools for our pupils' future and give them access to the wider school curriculum and the skills to live in the modern world.     

Please help support these important Areas of Learning by supporting your child at home - practice Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening on an everyday basis.    

What is English?

Below is an example of the Joined Handwriting Font we use at Dover Park.

Phonics and Reading Schemes used at Dover Park

English Curriculum Early Years

English Curriculum Year 1

English Curriculum Year 2

English Curriculum Year 3

English Curriculum Year 4

English Curriculum Year 5

English Curriculum Year 6

Grammar and Punctuation progression Dover Park

KS 1 Grammar / Punctuation terms explained

KS 2 Grammar / Punctuation terms explained