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Religious Education at Dover Park Primary School

Mrs Cooper  is the teacher in charge of R.E across the school. She is always on the look out for good R.E work across the school so keep checking back for photos of our super R.E work.

Collective Worship Policy

Religious Education Long Term Planning for Dover Park Primary School

Here are the policies for Religious Education and Collective Worship in Dover Park Primary School. You can find this on the policy page too.

Year 1 - Passover Visitors
Judith and Louis from the Isle of Wight Jewish Society visited us to help us understand how Jewish families remember the the Israelite's exodus from Egypt.  They brought in a Seder plate and we tasted parsley (yuck!), matzos (much tastier) and grape juice (even better!) that are used during the Passover or Pesach festival.

There is lots of information on different religious festivals around the world. Have a look at the BBC website for lots of information on how different cultures celebrate their values and beliefs.