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Year 3 Pre-history workshop and class trip





Most children needed waking up this morning which gave the teachers much pleasure (and a chance to get their own back!!!)  The children then skipped merrily over to the main house to tuck into their breakfast of sausages and beans on toast, or a variety of cereals.


Then it was time to get ready for the all day hike.  We set off in two groups about half an hour apart.  We walked down to the coastal path, then headed East towards Shanklin.  The children were interested in the Landslip and the ever changing landscape.  We managed to walk up through Devils Chimney and then were met by the challenge that is Nansen's Hill.  Mr Draper kept up his impressive record and met the challenge of running the complete hill.  This year he was joined by Szymon who will now see his name on the East Dene hall of fame board.


The weather was fresh but it stayed dry.  However, the views were slightly hazy but impressive and beautiful none-the-less.  The children stopped for an ice cream at Shanklin Sea Front before making their weary way back to East Dene.  We were out walking from 9:45 until 5pm and the children have done themselves proud and really achieved.  I and the rest of the staff are immensely proud too.


The Camp fire was great fun and rounded off the week in style.


Everyone is really looking forward to seeing their families.  See you all tomorrow!



Thursday 19th March

Thursday 19th March 1
Thursday 19th March 2
Thursday 19th March 3
Thursday 19th March 4
Thursday 19th March 5
Thursday 19th March 6
Thursday 19th March 7
Thursday 19th March 8
Thursday 19th March 9
Thursday 19th March 10
Thursday 19th March 11
Thursday 19th March 12
Thursday 19th March 13
Thursday 19th March 14
Thursday 19th March 15
Thursday 19th March 16
Thursday 19th March 17
Thursday 19th March 18
Thursday 19th March 19
Thursday 19th March 20
Thursday 19th March 21
Thursday 19th March 22
Thursday 19th March 23
Thursday 19th March 24
Thursday 19th March 25
Thursday 19th March 26
Thursday 19th March 27
Thursday 19th March 28
Thursday 19th March 29
Thursday 19th March 30

Wednesday 18th March


Another glorious day with bright sunshine and clear blue skies. The children had a much more settled night and were up and about quite early :( ! A hearty breakfast was followed by the morning activities.  This time the groups carried out the reverse of yesterday with the added skill of Bushcraft. The children had great fun learning how to make fires and some groups learnt how to make some bread, which was then cooked in the fire!  After lunch 3 groups went Rock pooling and the other 3 did team building. The children are definitely getting better at team work (well most of them?!) 


Curry was on the menu tonight which seemed to be a hit with most. 


Tonight's activity was a quiz which proved very noisy. 


Unfortunately the Internet here at East Dene is not working so I can't post any pictures - just this blog via my mobile!! If I get time will try to post some in the morning. 


Picasso Collage Year 2

Picasso Collage Year 2 1
Picasso Collage Year 2 2
Picasso Collage Year 2 3
Picasso Collage Year 2 4
Picasso Collage Year 2 5
Picasso Collage Year 2 6
Picasso Collage Year 2 7
Picasso Collage Year 2 8
Picasso Collage Year 2 9
Picasso Collage Year 2 10
Picasso Collage Year 2 11
Picasso Collage Year 2 12
Picasso Collage Year 2 13
Picasso Collage Year 2 14
Picasso Collage Year 2 15
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