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Personal Development Learning

Personal Development Learning (PDL) is a holistic term which includes:

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), which is made up of:


Personal Well-Being

    - building confidence and self esteem

    - drug and alcohol education

    - relationships and sex education (RSE)

    - health education




Education For Sustainable Development


Physical Education (PE)


Religious Education (RE)


At Dover Park we also look to promote the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC), Mental and Physical development of pupils at School and in Society.


Our PDL Curriculum


Our PDL curriculm is designed to enable pupils to understand and acquire for themselves:

- the skills and confidence to maximise their achievements

- principles for distinguishing between right and wrong, considering issues of justice and injustice

- knowledge, understanding and appreciation of their own beliefs and cultures, and those of others

- enduring values, integrity and autonomy to help them become responsible and caring citizens capable of contributing     to the development of a just society

- the ability and imperative to challenge racism, discrimination and stereotyping

- an awareness and understanding of the environments in which they live

- the ability, as consumers, to make informed judgements and decisions, and to understand their rights and               




Our PDL curriculum is made up of a range of opportunities composed of:


- Discrete Lessons

- Cross Curricular

- Themed Days

- Discussion and Circle Times

- Responses to topical issues

- School Visits

- Assemblies

- Extra-curricular Activities

Here are some useful web links for more information on PSHE and the schemes that we use to teach across the school.

Building Learning Power at Dover Park.


As a school, we believe that learning should be a life-long enterprise. B.L.P (building learning power) is about learning how to become a better learner. Our school motto is; 'Learning together to be our best.' We can learn to be our best by using the school values: Respect, Aspiration, Independence, Perseverance, Motivation and  Enjoyment. In lessons, we discuss what these learning powers look and feel like to help us with the way we learn. 



Dover Park's Learning Power Heroes

Here is a BBC website which has some PSHE games online that you can play to help your learning of PSHE. Please click on the image below to go to the BBC website.



Personal Development Learning Around The School