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We currently have 1 Governor Vacancy. If you are interested in becoming a school governor please contact the school office on 01983 562617 or the clerk to the Governing Board ; 

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Dave Edmonds- Co-opted Governor. Chair of Governing Board

I work in education and have worked with young people for the last 15 years. I am keen to ensure that our children have access to the best possible education and I can do this through my role of Chair. I have a depth of knowledge about the education system and school improvement. My areas of expertise are attendance and safeguarding.

Rob Ashley- Co-opted Governor. Vice Chair of Governing Board.

As a parent I am keen to support and work with the school. I think Dover Park is a great school with a passionate staff team and if I can help the school continue with the great work they do then I believe that's a worthwhile way to spend my time and effort. As a parent I have a vested interest in ensuring the school and children do well. I bring enthusiasm and commitment to the role and have a 'can do' attitude that means I am continually challenging the school to move forward and improve further.

As an operations manager in my day job I have vast experience of managing people and finances and can bring this to my strategic role at Dover Park. In my spare time I like to make use of living on this beautiful Island. I enjoy cycling, canoeing and being a dad!

Katrina Shaer- Staff Governor

I am currently the Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Leader at Dover Park Primary School. My role has various aspects to it, all of which I thoroughly enjoy and try to do to the best of my ability. I feel very lucky to be a teacher and I can honestly say that I love my job.

I am very fortunate to have a loving husband and two fantastic children, who keep me very busy, ferrying them around for their various groups and clubs! However, when I do find time for myself I enjoy going to exercise classes, socialising with my friends and spending quality time with my family.

I became a governor, to be more directly involved in the direction of our school. Being part of the governing board provides me with insight into how our school is viewed by others and provides me with a holistic perspective of all aspects of our school and what we need to accomplish to make further improvements to our provision. I also enjoy working with our other governors and members of our wider school community.

Kane Gavin- Co-opted Governor

I became a governor as I have worked in social care for a long time and have an interest in assisting and improving all services to which young people access. I enjoy being a governor as I feel that I can make a positive difference in the strategic direction of the school.

I am interested in nature and photography. I spend a lot of my free time enjoying the nature walks around the Island and taking pictures of wildlife.

Jo Shannon- Parent Governor

As a parent of a child at Dover Park I was keen to have a better understanding of how and why decisions are made. I have seen a great improvement in the school over the last few years and wanted to have a say in its future direction.

In my spare time I enjoy tap dancing and I am heavily involved in the arts. I enjoy sharing m,y expertise in this area and I believe that we should provide a broad and balanced curriculum that develops the whole child.

Shaun Arnold- Parent Governor

I became a school governor because of all the support the school has given to my son and our family and I wanted to give something back. The school did a wonderful job and turned his behaviour and confidence around so that he could succeed in mainstream education. He did so well that he was able to enter the grammar stream at secondary school and I put this down to the incredible team at Dover Park. 

I am now able to give back to the school by using my knowledge and skills to take an active roll in supporting the school and challenging them to be the very best in all areas. My aim as a governor is to ensure that each child at Dover Park reaches their full potential by having the same opportunities that were offered my son.

In my spare time I spend a lot of time learning, researching and reading. I enjoy coding and trying to automate activities I am involved with. I also enjoy walking and photography.

Jo Rees- Co-opted Governor

I joined the governing board at Dover Park because I had worked in the school and like the school's inclusive ethos. I have a background in primary education and wanted to support a local Ryde school. For my day job I am a specialist teacher in Dyslexia and have a wealth of knowledge about supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs. 

In my spare time I enjoy singing and dancing and keeping fit.

Micheal Lilley- LA Governor

As a councillor for the Ryde East Ward I am very interested in the issues that affect local residents, including the education that is being offered. It is for this reason that I was keen to join the governing board at Dover Park. I am extremely interested in mental health and well-being and how different issues affect our local children. I am passionate about supporting Ryde families and believe that my knowledge, understanding and skills add value to our governing board team. as a community school we are committed to improving opportunities for all children in Ryde, not just those at Dover Park.

Aileen Napper- Co-opted Governor

I have been associated with Dover Park and other Ryde schools for many years in my role as a school nurse. I was keen to get involved and to support and challenge the school. I have a long involvement  in supporting children in an educational setting and I am fully aware of the impact of pupils' early experiences on their future lives. Ryde is a challenging ward and I was keen to support the school in any way I can.