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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher: Miss. Wilcox

Deputy Headteacher/ Inclusion Leader and SENCO: Mrs. Shaer


Teaching Staff

Year 6- Mr. Gregory 

Year 5- Mrs. Kirby 

Year 4- Ms. Griffin 

Year 3- Miss. Cooper

Year 2- Mrs. Roberts 

Year 1- Mrs. Newnham 

Reception class- Mr. Rowson


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. J. Smith

Mrs. A. Smith

Mrs. Watson

Mrs. Skipper

Mrs. Cooper

Miss. Street-Mason

Ms. Sleep

Ms. Russel 

Miss. Unsworth

Miss. Buckland


Learning Support Assistants

Ms. Thomas

Mrs. Coulson

Mrs. Lincoln

Ms. Baker

Miss. Buckley


P.E Leader/ Coach

Mr. Riley


Child and Family Liaison Officer

Mrs. Jackson


Office Staff

Senior Administrator: Miss. Wade

Assistant Administrator: Miss. Morley

School Business Manager: Mrs. Seager

School Bursar: Mrs. Martin



Mr Jones

Miss Wilcox


Mr. Gregory

Mrs Kirby

Ms. Griffin

Miss. Cooper

Mrs Roberts

Mrs. Newnham

Mr Rowson

Staff Behaviour Policy and Code of Conduct