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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher: Mr. Kirby

Deputy Headteacher/ Inclusion Leader and SENCO: Mrs. Roberts


Teaching Staff

Year 6- Mr. Gregory 

Year 5- Ms. Kirby 

Year 4- Ms. Baxter 

Year 3- Ms. Watson

Year 2- Mr. Rowson

Year 1- Ms. Newnham & Ms. Cooper

Reception class- Ms. Sleep


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. J. Smith

Mrs. A. Smith

Mrs. Allen

Ms. Cooper

Ms. Bould

Ms. Winkles

Miss. Unsworth

Ms. Pudney


Learning Support Assistants

Ms. Thomas

Ms. Coulson

Ms. Lincoln

Ms. Baker

Ms. Parker

Ms. Frimley


P.E Leader/ Coach

Mr Woodward


Child and Family Liaison Officer

Mrs. Jackson


Office Staff

Senior Administrator: Miss. Wade

Assistant Administrator and Finance Assistant: Mrs. Beath

School Business Manager and School Bursar: Mrs. Seager



Mr Thompson



Mr Kirby

Mr. Gregory

Mrs Kirby

Mrs Roberts

Ms Sleep

Mr Rowson

Mrs Watson

Miss Baxter

Mrs Cooper

Staff Behaviour Policy and Code of Conduct