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Welcome to Dover Park

Early Years Foundation Stage

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Our Teachers are Mrs Cooper and Mrs Cooper and our Support Staff are Mrs Skipper, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Afonso.


There are 31  children in our class and we work hard as part of a team! We love learning and are very independent in all that we do!






The children all love to learn and explore in reception. We have a wonderful indoor and outdoor environment with lots of space and areas for the children to investigate. Look at the photos below to see the children in action around our environment. 

Autumn Term 


Here are some of photos of the events and activities that we have taken part in during the Autumn Term. 

As part of our work on harvest we read the story of the little  red hen. The children did some great acting out and made puppets to retell the story. They enjoyed finding out how bread is made and how we get flour from wheat. The children were all very excited to make their own bread rolls! 


The children had an amazing time when Ben from the treehouse theatre visited. He did some great storytelling and played his guitar so the children could sing along and everyone joined in. The children chose storytelling outfits to wear and were very involved in the story. The children laughed lots and were animated from beginning to end!  



The children enjoyed finding out about Diwali and learning about a different culture. They did lots of actions out about the story of Rama and Sita and they had fun designing their own Rangoli and Mendhi patterns as well as creating a dandia dance (using sticks). 

As part of their maths work on 2D shape, the children went off around the school on a shape hunt, they found that there really are shapes all around us! 

Spring Term

During the first half of this term the children have had great fun learning about people who help us. They have been busy learning about the important jobs that people do to keep us healthy and safe. 

Baby clinic and medical centre

The children have enjoyed taking on the role of being doctors and nurses. They have been looking after patients and writing prescriptions! Great work! 

Our local  PCSO came to visit and spoke about his job. He let the children try on some different police clothing and showed them some of the equipment he has to carry on him. The highlight was of course sitting in the police car! 

The children had an amazing time when the local firefighters visited school and bought along a real fire engine! The children learnt all about fire safety and the importance of smoke alarms before exploring all of the equipment aboard the engine! The highlight of the visit was of course squirting the water out the hose! 

Chinese New Year


The children enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. They found out about this festival and we created our own Chinese restaurant in the classroom. The children made lots of dragons and had fun using chopsticks!! 


The children loved learning about superheroes. We did lots of work about Supertato and he even came along to visit us! The evil pea escaped and caused a lot of mischief in our class! With the children's posters and detective skills and the help of Super Sal we finally caught him! 

Superhero Day 

As a reward for working so hard to become official superheroes we had an amazing suoerhero day! The children dressed up as there favourite hero and throughout the day they completed missions. There was great teamwork and lots of problem solving. The children celebrated with special cakes! 

Festival Time

We had fun celebrating the IOW festival by having our very own festival in school. It was a great opportunity for the children to play instruments, sing songs and perform in front of an audience!!! 

Understanding the world 

Throughout the year the children have been doing lots of exploration and investigating. They have enjoyed making rafts, flying kites, investigating magnets, growing vegetables, caring for tadpoles and lots lots more! 

Balanceability in PE

The children have loved using the balance bikes in their PE lessons and have learnt a lot of new skills. They have also shown great perseverance.

School Room in a Care Home

The reception children have just finished their amazing project working alongside  the residents at Cornelia  Heights residential home. They received certificates for all their hard work. Please see more information on our website under Dover Park in the news, 

Library Day

We will visit the school library every Tuesday. Please can  library books be returned on a Monday. 

PE Day

PE is on Friday mornings with Mr Goldsmith.

Please make sure your  child's  PE kit is in school at all times. We will be having PE outside so please provide your child with warmer clothing for the cooler weather!

Bug Club

The children will soon be issued with a Bug Club password. 


Bug Club is a finely levelled, phonically based online reading world with interactive activities. Each child has a personalised homepage where they'll find the e-Books they've been allocated by the teacher and motivating

rewards. This ensures that each child can find a book at exactly the right level for them. The online reading world ensures children can access independent reading resources anywhere at any time. New books will be allocated regularly. Bug Club books have a fantastic range of titles and within each level there is a carefully planned progression of books. This fine progression gives children plenty of opportunity to develop their reading skills and master each fine step while moving through the reading programme.

Parent/Carer guide to Tapestry


​Home Learning

All of the children have their own  Sound Book.  Please make sure these are in the children's book bags every Friday so the new sounds taught that week can be added. Let us know how they are getting on. Any questions,  please just ask - the mornings are very busy as you know and its not always possible for me to speak for very long so  if you need a few minutes  please feel free to arrange a time after school for a chat. Thank you.