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Mrs Kirby and Mrs Pudney

Document: How to Log on to Google classroom

Here are some Tutorial Videos to help you get started in Google Classroom. Starring Mrs Kirby !   

Video of walking in to year 5 s new classroom from the outside of the mobiles.

Still image for this video

A few pictures of our visit to new classroom- thanks to our tour guide Sophie. More pics have now been added as our room takes shape.

The Amazing Class VR Headset Experience!

Trying out the new Virtual Reality (VR) headsets this week! Wow! What an experience we had visiting the Solar System and Mars in particular.... some of the comments the class made afterwards (on Google Classroom reviews) are below. So glad you enjoyed it! (Not included all comments as some were very similar).


It is fun and good you can do so much great stuff like be in an ocean with sharks! Or view the solar system and all the planets I’ve never seen before; it’s like being God!



It was a one of a kind experience!



It is funny when you see other people all looking around themselves, but it is sooo cool what you see when you are wearing them so I don’t mind!

The VR headset should be everywhere.



It was awesome!

Harry B


The VR was amazing because it felt so realistic, especially when you were in the solar system.



It’s like a whole new world!



Honestly the entire experience was good. I would 100% recommend this VR Headset.



I thought that it was amazing! I absolutely loved when I was next to Curiosity! (The Mars Rover) It was just GREAT!



Oh YES it was good!  It was one of the best experiences of my life!



It was absolutely phenomenal and a great experience for me. I would recommend this to EVERYONE!



It was very exciting and fun; it was amazing when we saw the Mars Rovers. It was really entertaining. I had a lovely time watching the amazing videos. We are very so grateful to have these amazing VR headsets . It was so funny when my friends were moving their heads around trying to touch the objects. We loved this experience!



The VR was amazing, it was like it was actually happening in the room!

Alfie P

Some members of the class enjoying exploring the websites about "Curiosity" the Mars rover robot. Websites and links listed below.

Information about the Mars Rover Curiosity and other missions to Mars

Mars Curiosity Rover Launch

Amazing Movie of Mars Curiosity HD landing and on Mars

New: Mars In 4K video created by photos which Curiosity took

Open Evening Video - Ryde Academy

Still image for this video
Here is a tour round Ryde Academy and a chance to see some of the Key Staff. This is instead of their usual Open Evening which they invite Year 5 and 6 pupils too.

Year 5 creating their Space Rocket paintings in the style of Peter Thorpe. Here too are the finished products- aren't they stunning ?!

Year 5 using computers to access Sumdog Maths games. They have a log in which they may want to use at home.

Class VR Headsets Risk Assessment and Guidance

Transition to Year 5

Year 5 English Rich Text plans

Growth Mindset

 We are finding out all about how we learn, how the brain works and what it means to have a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset.

Use these videos to help extend your understanding.