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UPDATE on DPGTalent, as at Friday 10th July, still no entries sent in! Remember Tuesday is the deadline for entries. I'm looking forward to seeing your videos...

Dover Park's Got Talent Remote competition 2020 - please do this at home, as an individual activity, following Government Guidance and email me your entries if you want to enter. You have one week! Enjoy...

smileyComing soon... Transition from Year 5 to Year 6! smiley

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Transition booklet


(current Year 4 moving up to Year 5 will go to the Year 4 class page for their Transition section)

Update 9th July 


Dear Year 5,


As we approach the end of term and the end of your Year 5, I wanted to write to express a few thoughts and feelings.


Although this is not the way we expected this year of school to happen, I am still so proud of how so many of you have continued on your learning at home and managed to show such enthusiasm for coping in such an unplanned situation.


Your families have done such a great job in supporting you, and contacting me to share in your successes and struggles. It has been a pleasure to see the photos and hear about the work you have enjoyed completing at home. (I have included some certificates in this week's resources to celebrate your achievements.)


Remember all the good times we had until March 20th together and I hope you have enjoyed spending more time at home, together with having learnt something about yourselves through these strange times.


I look forward to seeing you in Year 6 around the school, and hearing from Mr Gregory how you are getting on.


Maybe some of you will write me a reply?!

Take care,


Mrs Kirby (your proud Year 5 teacher)smiley




I miss you! Mrs Kirby....

Week 16  leaderboard update Friday 10th July for online learning...


Lexia  For most time online, top 5 is...

5 Riley

4 Mesha 

3 Benji  131 minutes

2 Maya  136 minutes and has now finished all year 6 levels !!! 

1st place Archie with a whopping 196 mins !!


For most progress this week:

5 Mia

4 Riley

3 Maya 27 units

2 Benji 27 units

1st place is Archie ! 63 units   .... Well done all of you!



for time on any Sumdog questions, Joshua is top for minutes spent(83 mins) , Kian in 2nd place and Maya in 3rd. 

As mentioned above, I can't now access the graphs I could before, so I can only see times for the top 3. Sorry games are now restricted again due to free trial ending! sad


Times tables Rock stars log ins also have run out now....crying



Year 5 English Rich Text plans

Growth Mindset

 We are finding out all about how we learn, how the brain works and what it means to have a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset.

Use these videos to help extend your understanding.