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Year 5

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Welcome to Year 5!

Mrs Kirby and Mrs Pudney are here to help you learn this year.


Remember that homework is set on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday ( or before!)

Please sign up for Parent's Evening; either Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th October. Phone Max in the office or send a note in to get your preferred time slot!

I look forward to seeing you then. Mrs Kirby

Playing a game in pairs in Maths, working out mental addition and subtraction , to group them into columns. Look at the concentration!

A great (although blustery) day at Yarmouth planetarium and Rocket testing site at the New Needles Battery

Bike ability day 1. Year 5 working hard on safe signalling and following instructions quickly . Onto the roads tomorrow!

Year 5 have been practising and perfecting "lovely lining up" and "wonderful walking" ! Aren't they smart?!

Trying out "freeze frames" as part of our English work. We invented stories based on a " black pebble". 3 pictures per group for beginning, middle and end

Our "New" Year 5 using Peter Thorpe's Rocket paintings as inspiration for our own Space Art ...! What a great time we had making these....

Growth Mindset

 We are finding out all about how we learn, how the brain works and what it means to have a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset.

Use these videos to help extend your understanding.