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Year 5



    Mrs Kirby and Mrs Winkles work in Year 5.                     Ms Baker helps out too.


space art in the style of Peter Thorpe. Don't they look amazing now they are finished?

Year 5 English Rich Text plans

Information about the Mars Rover Curiosity and other missions to Mars

Mars Curiosity Rover Launch

Amazing Movie of Mars Curiosity HD landing and on Mars

New: Mars In 4K video created by photos which Curiosity took

Class VR Headsets Risk Assessment and Guidance

Document: How to Log on to Google classroom

Here are some Tutorial Videos to help you get started in Google Classroom. Starring Mrs Kirby !   

Growth Mindset

 We are finding out all about how we learn, how the brain works and what it means to have a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset.

Use these videos to help extend your understanding.