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Year 5



    Mrs Kirby and Mrs Winkles work in Year 5.                      Ms Thomas helps out too.


Year 5 Curriculum info for Parents: Spring 2

Year 5 Curriculum info for Parents: Spring 1

Year 5 Curriculum info for parents: Autumn 2

Year 5 Curriculum info for Parents: Autumn 1

A song you might want to practise

Geography work testing the soil moisture, linked to the Water Cycle

Our Mini water cycle experiment! Damp soil, + warmth and sunlight = evaporation and then when water vapour hits clingfilm, condensation occurs. Will it now “rain”?!

Information about the Mars Rover Curiosity and other missions to Mars

Mars Curiosity Rover Launch

Amazing Movie of Mars Curiosity HD landing and on Mars

New: Mars In 4K video created by photos which Curiosity took

Airbus VR Experience - Mars 360 Release

Uploaded by Inside Infinity on 2015-10-14.

Virtual Reality Space 360 - Solar System tour by Etechan

Virtual Reality 360 Video by Etechan International

Growth Mindset

 We are finding out all about how we learn, how the brain works and what it means to have a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset.

Use these videos to help extend your understanding.